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Christmas is around the corner, and you might be thinking about gifting some positivity this year in the form of crystals for your loved ones.

But crystals are so much about connection, 'going with what you're drawn to', so how do you choose crystals for other people?

My advice is to hold the person clearly in your mind, and rather than trying to make a decision of what to choose, just let a crystal colour or formation appear in your mind as you think of that person.

Allow your intuition to guide you to the energy that is needed for that person.

Ask questions in your mind as you explore the different options, but rather than overthinking the answers, just observe what jumps into your mind naturally.

If you tune in enough to that person you will find that certain colours (or maybe even distinct crystal names/images) will jump out to you as being very clearly the right one for them! I find that leaning into your intuition is always a great way to make decisions.

If this feels difficult or too vague, here are another few ideas for ways you can gift crystals this festive season:


I LOVE 'functional' crystals as gifts, such as tealight holders and lamps.

They are a great way to incorporate crystal energies into the home in a useable and accessible way. For that reason I think they make perfect gifts for loved ones who aren't yet majorly into their crystals, people who are drawn to them but aren't quite sure how to incorporate them into their lives or how to use them. They make a gorgeous feature in any home. You can shop a collection of homeware crystals here.


Choosing a set of crystals grouped together to aid with a certain problem can be a great way to pick the best crystals for a loved one.

Think of something about them that you know they would like support with, and choose based on that.

Crystal sets for protection, positivity, de-stressing, heart healing, business, general mental health and general physical health are all available here.


Of course, jewellery is my very favourite way to incorporate crystals into my day to day life. You'll never find me without one of my creations around my neck. For me, wearing my crystals is the main way that I connect with them to use them for support and guidance.

Plus, they look amazing, too.

So if someone isn't into the holistic properties (yet! hehe), you can always pick out a crystal creation for them based on style and aesthetics.

You can shop my whole range of handmade jewellery here.

If you are choosing to gift crystals this Christmas, and you would like any sort of help picking out the perfect ones, don't hesitate to get in touch with me with.

Happy Christmas shopping!

Much Love,

Amy x

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