Palo Santo ('Holy Wood' in Spanish) is a tree that's native to South America. It has, much like Sage, been burned in cleansing rituals of all kinds for centuries, to rid spaces of any stagnant and/or negative energies. It gives off a gorgeous sweet smell when burning. 


How to use your Palo Santo stick...

Open the windows and doors of the space you are cleansing to get the air and energy flowing.


Light the end of your Palo Santo stick over a candle. Blow out the flames so that the Palo Santo is smoldering but not alight. Walk around your space with the Palo Santo and direct its smoke into any stagnant corners, and around doorways and windows. The most important thing is the air and energy flow - make sure windows are open and you are intentionally moving the unwanted energy out of your space. You may want to say a mantra or use sound to add to the ceremony. Work intuitively and with positive intention. 


When you are finished, put your stick out by dipping it into a shallow pool of water if you need to (it will probably go out on its own quite quickly). Once it dries you can use it again. You'll get a lot of uses out of one stick.