Hi I'm Amy and I run Copper Myst.

A self confessed hippy, I started creating handmade jewellery while I was travelling around Europe in my home-converted camper van. My aim was to have an artistic project to focus on, that could support me on my travels. Something creative that catered to and interested quirky people like me. Something that brought special and unique things into being, things that people could use and treasure on their own individual journeys and adventures. Something that involved holistic healing, positive vibrations and spiritual connections. Something that would become my passion, and be created with love. 

This is how Copper Myst was born. 


From creating my own handmade copper jewellery, which is still the main focus today, Copper Myst has now expanded into a treasure trove of all sorts of spiritual goodies, including, of course, crystals. I've been drawn to crystals since I was attuned to Reiki in 2010, but my love for them has really grown since I began working with them and their magical properties full time.


In this vein, Copper Myst isn't just about unique craft and beautiful objects, as a business it is here to help you on your own spiritual journey and to bring healing vibes into your life. All crystals have their own special vibration and energy, and therefore their own individual healing properties. Different crystals will call to you depending on what you need in your life right now. If you're just delving into the crystal world - maybe you've read a little bit about it but still feel unsure which crystals to choose - just go with what you are drawn to, you will be pulled to the one/s you need.

The artistic process I use to create my handmade copper pieces is called Electroforming. It's essentially a thick copper plating process, involving electricity running through an acid bath, and a lot of patience! The results of this uncommon craft are very unique. I love creating unusual and curious pieces, complete one-offs, for people to treasure. 

You may be thinking that this doesn't sound like the sort of craft that can be done in a camper van, and you're right, it's not! At first I set up my kit in snatched moments of access to mains electricity and a bit of space when visiting friends or family for a few days. The real work began at a friend's apartment in Spain in July 2018. I came back to England in Autumn 2018, and after borrowing my parents garage as a work space for a couple of weeks, I did my first craft fayre, and it blossomed from there.


I have lived in my hometown of Liverpool ever since, and after working from home (yes, I live in a house now!) for almost a year, I now have a studio near the city centre which doubles as my work space and storage room for Copper Myst's ever growing crystal and holistics stock. I also run my Reiki practice from my home.


I began Copper Myst as a creative means to fund my travelling lifestyle, but, ironically, it has lead me to set some roots in one place, and set off on the full-time journey of running this little business. The aim for the future is lots more travelling again, and a balance between home, work, and adventure!


Portrait shot by Maria Sicilia Photography