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Hi I'm Amy, owner of Copper Myst. I am a Reiki healer, crystal jewellery maker, and soon-to-be mama. 

Copper Myst is about more than jewellery. For me it is so important that there is a one-to-one element to the work that I do - making people feel important, seen, and completely focused on.

My jewellery pieces are special because they are all completely one of a kind, made for their wearer, created to support them on their own unique journey. But going even deeper than that, I like to open relationships with my customers. I offer goal-focused distance Reiki sessions where I work one-to-one with clients to inspire aligned action.

I help creative souls to rediscover their magic, and utilize it to attract the wealth and abundance that they deserve. Through powerful distance Reiki sessions I work on re-aligning people with their true potential - to reclaim their power and discover the true value of their unique gift to the world.


Copper Myst crystal talismans are made with the same empowerment in mind for the wearer - they are designed with love to help you to activate your superpower!

From the beginning

Copper Myst was born in 2018, whilst I was travelling around Europe full time in a home-converted camper van. My aim was to create special and unique pieces of jewellery, that people could use and treasure on their own individual journeys and adventures.

It was immediately apparent to me as I decided to incorporate crystals into my early creations that healing would be at the core of my work. I was attuned to Reiki in 2010, and have always felt a connection to holistic practices.

It therefore came naturally to me to combine my creativity with my spirituality, and to build my business from there. This combination was the focus of Copper Myst from the very beginning.

Running Copper Myst has been a huge part of my spiritual development, and it is here to do the same for you - to help to reignite your unique intuitive expression, and to bring powerful healing into your life.

If you'd like to ask any questions regarding jewellery, commissions, the moon gatherings, Reiki treatments, or anything else, then please feel free to get in touch with me.

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