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Here you can read my brief descriptions of the properties of some of the crystals I've worked and created with over the years.


I'll continue to update this list as I create jewellery with new crystals.



Abalone shells have long been celebrated as having a divine energy, and can be used to stimulate your psychic development and intuition. Connecting you to the soothing energy of the ocean, the energy of the Abalone Shell will help with healing, and increase your ability to be more emotionally open.


Agate has a very stable energy which brings emotional and physical balance. It is a very calming and soothing crystal, which aids with concentration, practicality and perception. It brings strength, courage and stability.


Botswana Agate helps you to explore your creativity, and allows you to expand your viewpoint. It helps the body to assimilate oxygen, and is very beneficial for those who want to quit smoking.


Blue Lace Agate has a very soft and healing energy, which brings peace of mind. It is excellent for opening and healing the Throat Chakra, helping with clear communication. It can counteract feelings of repression and judgement, allowing self-expression.


Dendritic Agate is an abundance stone which encourages patience in your pursuits. It has a very peaceful energy, and helps deepen our connection to plants and Nature in general. Helpful with perseverance, Dendritic Agate is useful for anyone working towards some kind of goal to move forwards with stability and strength.


A stone deeply connected with nature, Moss Agate has a very stable energy, and helps with self-esteem and expression. It can help you to see the beauty in everything around you, and is a great crystal for helping to overcome depression. It is also a birthing crystal, a stone of new beginnings, and a stone of wealth.


Amazonite is a powerful filter crystal which blocks electromagnetic pollution (such as from computers or mobile phones). It helps with intuition by filtering information that passes through the brain. It is an extremely soothing crystal which opens both the throat and heart chakras, aiding with loving communication. It helps balances masculine and feminine energies, helps you to see different points of view, and soothes worries and fear.


Amethyst is a powerful protection crystal with a high spiritual vibration. It can enhance meditation, bringing spiritual awareness and higher states of consciousness. It encourages spiritual wisdom and intuition, and enhances psychic gifts. It aids sobriety, bringing deeper understanding and focus. Amethyst can help with an overactive mind, and also dispel headaches. It facilitates dreams and dream recall. It is a good crystal for grief.



Ametrine combines the energies of Amethyst and Citrine. It calms the mind, and dispels tension from the head. It can help to bring focus to meditation. Ametrine enhances acceptance, overcomes prejudice and contradictions, and stimulates creativity. It is a powerful cleansing stone, clearing away stress and promoting optimism.


Apatite is a great crystal for communication and self expression. It clears confusion and brings a humanitarian attitude, encouraging you to seek truth for the collective good. It helps you to feel at ease in social situations and feel positive about yourself and others. It a good healer for the bones and teeth, and it encourages healthy eating and weight loss if needed.


Apophyllite is a high vibrational yet very calming and soothing crystal, which can help to connect you to spiritual and angelic realms. Apophyllite helps to release negative thought patterns and brings light into your life. It is said to be a very beneficial stone for Reiki practitioners to have in their practice rooms, to aid the flow and power of the Reiki energy (I have a huge Apophyllite cluster in my own Reiki room, and I love it!).


Aragonite is a powerful grounding stone which facilitates a deep connection to the Earth. It helps with patience, acceptance, and emotional stress. It aids concentration and practicality. It is a stabilising stone, which benefits and centres the nervous system.


Aventurine has a very positive energy that brings prosperity. It promotes decisiveness, perseverance and compassion. It brings together intellect and emotions, and helps you to live from your heart, which it also protects. It is an all-round healer which brings general well-being.


Azurite stimulates psychic development and activates your intuition. It cleanses the third eye and encourages higher levels of consciousness & spirituality, and unlocks spiritual vision. It is a great stone for meditation and understanding, communications, and seeing reality from a new perspective without fear of the unknown. It is a calming crystal, good for clearing stress and sadness. It is an incredibly healing crystal for the physical body.


Bronzite boosts self-confidence and courage, helping you to follow through with action you want to undertake. Bronzite protects against negative energies and helps those feeling overwhelmed and powerless to change things. It brings positivity, grounding, and harmony.


Calcite is a powerful energy amplifier & cleanser. It removes negative energy from spaces and the body. It fosters emotional intelligence and accelerates spiritual development.


Blue Calcite has a very gentle, relaxing energy. It is a soothing crystal which aids with anxiety. It opens the throat chakra, and can help to facilitate clear communications. 


Green calcite brings balance to the mind, helps you to let go of that which no longer serves you, and aids communication. It is a great stimulant for the immune system.


Orange Calcite is a highly energising stone for the lower chakras. It balances the emotions and helps with depression. It can be used to aid in healing the reproductive system, gallbladder, and IBS. 


Honey Calcite stimulates the solar plexus chakra and helps you to feel confident, empowered, and motivated. It helps with learning of all kinds, and following through projects and long term goals.


Red Calcite increases energy and uplifts emotions. It helps to dissolve energy blockages, and to remove the things in your life that are preventing you from progressing. It also helps to move physical blockages in the body, particularly around the base & sacral Chakras.



Carnelian is a great crystal for restoring vitality and stimulating creativity. It brings courage, motivation and self-trust. Carnelian calms anger, sharpens concentration, and brings a love for life. It activates the Sacral and Base Chakras, and can therefore help with fertility.



Celestite has a very high yet calming vibration, and is filled with divine spiritual energies. It boosts spiritual development and awareness when needed. Celestite promotes purity and truth, especially in relation to the heart. It brings balance, alignment, and deep peace.



Chrysocolla is a good stone for aiding communications, and for accepting change. It brings inner strength, self-confidence and and self-motivation. Used in healing, it draws out negative emotions from the chakras of the body, and negative energies from the home. It can help to stabilise relationships and bring balance.


Chrysoprase has a very positive, uplifting energy, promoting hope and truth. Bringing Universal energy into the physical body, Chrysoprase is an energising stone which brings awareness of the divine whole. It combats egotism, and helps you to be the person you want to be, whilst encouraging acceptance of yourself and others.


Citrine carries the energy of the sun, to uplift and energise you. Citrine attracts wealth, prosperity and success. It raises self-esteem, enhances creativity, and encourages optimism. It is a great stone for overcoming depression, and promotes joy in all aspects of life.

Most Citrine is Amethyst which has been artificially heated to mimic the Earth's processes. Natural Citrine is much more rare, and is characterised by its much paler colour. It cleanses the energy of its environment, dispelling negative energy, and never needs cleansing, making it a very protective and positive stone.


Emerald brings infinite patience, inspiration and integrity. It can help with loyalty, unity and balance in relationships and friendships. It is a calming stone, which brings equilibrium on all levels. It is a stone of wisdom, which promotes truth, clarity, and positive action.


Fluorite is a very strong auric-protector, and can help you to overcome any kinds of unwanted psychic influences or manipulation. It is a useful for cleansing and purifying, and can be used during healing to draw out negative energies and stress from the body. It is the best crystal to use for overcoming any kinds of disorganisation, energetic or physical. It is very effective against electromagnetic stress (from your computer or mobile phone). It helps to ground spiritual energies and heightens intuition.


Howlite is an extremely calming crystal. It can be used to treat insomnia, by calming an overactive mind. It is a spiritual stone, and can help you to tune in to memories of other lives or places, and other spiritual levels. It dispels anger, helps to overcome over-criticism, and teaches patience and understanding. It helps to achieve ambitions.


Jade is a protective stone that represents purity and wisdom. It brings harmony, stability and a nurturing energy. It can help you to release negative thoughts and stimulate positive ideas. A spiritual stone, Jade helps you to recognise your human journey in line with your spiritual path. It is a very good crystal for the kidneys, and is also a fertility and childbirth stone.


Jasper is a nurturing stone that brings tranquillity and alignment. It provides protection and grounding, and supports during times of stress.


Brown Jasper encourages a connection to and an awareness of the earth and ecology. It brings stability and balance. It is good for cleansing the body and boosting the immune system.


Dalmatian Jasper is filled with a child-like, playful energy which will bring fun and joy into your life. It can help to overcome negative emotions and give you an optimistic outlook. It can help to stimulate the imagine and bring forth creativity.


Kambaba Jasper is a great crystal for soothing and relaxing the mind, helping you to release negative thoughts and feelings. It is great for aiding deep and peaceful sleep, and can help to get rid of nightmares and negative energies. It opens the heart chakra, encouraging you to give and receive love more fully. It provides comfort and protection for anybody suffering from rejection or lost-love. It can help expand your ability to focus the mind, and is useful for this during meditations.


Picture Jasper brings a sense of harmony and understanding. It can bring repressed and hidden feelings and thoughts (perhaps unwanted) to the surface, but then help you to accept and understand them as part of life's journey. It is a comforting stone which banishes fear and instills a sense of proportion.


Red Jasper is a grounding stone which helps with problem solving and insight. It is great for calming the emotions. It can help you to strengthen boundaries when necessary.


Kyanite stimulates psychic abilities and intuition, and grounds spiritual vibrations. It amplifies high frequency energies, and is excellent for meditation. It helps to cut through fear of speaking one's truth, and dispels communication blockages, encouraging self-expression.


Labradorite is a very mystical stone which raises consciousness to connect with higher energies. It is highly protective on a spiritual level. It can be used to ground spiritual energies into the physical body, whilst stimulating intuition and psychic abilities. It encourages faith and a sense of security.


Lapis is an extremely powerful spiritual crystal, which opens the third eye and stimulates psychic abilities, and spiritual power. It is a protective stone which blocks psychic attack, and can bring deep peace. It reveals truths and encourages self awareness, and opens up the throat chakra for clear communications. It is great against headaches and can be used to boost the immune system.


Lodolite is Clear Quartz with inclusions of other minerals trapped inside the crystal. It has similar spiritual properties to clear quartz, but with a more grounding and earthy energy. It is a calming crystal that helps you to release fear and move on from things that have held you back, particularly in relation to past life attachments. It can help you to sort through and achieve your true goals. It can help you to overcome challenges and achieve transformation.


Malachite is a very powerful stone that grounds spiritual energies, and absorbs negativity, purifying your environment. It guards against radiation of all kinds. It is a stone of transformation and brings intensity, risk taking and adventure. It encourages change, breaking outdated patterns and aiding spiritual growth. It encourages expression and empathy, and helps with understanding of any difficult concepts.


A crystal of new beginnings and fertility, Moonstone helps to remind us that everything is part of a cycle. It is a very calming stone which promotes intuition and psychic abilities. It holds a very strong feminine energy, and is very soothing and stabilising, particularly for emotional stress.


Rainbow Moonstone is actually white Labradorite. It is a very soothing stone which carries a mystical energy and helps you to stay clear headed and in touch with your intuition. It is a transformative stone and can help you to embrace new paths and opportunities.


Obsidian has an incredibly powerful energy that will bring flaws and blockages to light quickly, and then help you to grow past them. It is a very protective stone which will block and remove negative energies, and it has a powerful grounding effect. It will bring (often avoided) truths out into the open, getting to the core of an emotional problem or blockage very fast, which can be very intense but helpful for growth.


Mahogany Obsidian has the same properties, but a more gentle energy than black Obsidian. 


Opal is a mystical stone which will stimulate your creativity and true self-expression. It helps with self-realisation and accessing your emotions.


Petrified wood is is a very grounding and stable crystal which can help to combat panic, anxiety and fear. Connecting you to the earth, it brings a strong sense of security and calm. It helps to to accept the things that you can't control and be at peace with the way things are. It can help with strength and determination, but also acceptance, when faced with a difficult situation.


Clear Quartz is the ultimate healing crystal, and can be used to aid treatment of any conditions. It regulates, cleanses and amplifies energies. It is excellent for moving blockages. It raises spiritual vibrations to the highest level, and attunes you to your spiritual purpose. It aids concentration, and is an excellent crystal for meditation.


Aura Quartz are created by bonding precious metals onto the surface of Clear Quartz. They have an intense energy that reflects the electrostatic process which is used to create them, and the synergy of the different natural components. Aura Quartz is a great cleansing crystal (like un-treated Quartz), and can be used to find peace during meditation.


Cherry Quartz is a man-made crystal, created from Quartz and a mineral called Cinnabar. The energy this combination carries can help to restore balance and promote action in your life. It brings an enthusiastic outlook, courage and vitality. It will re-energise you, and encourage you to try new things.


Hematoid Quartz is Quartz with Hematite inclusions. It is a balancing crystal, which helps to calm the mind and process thoughts effectively. It can help with creative thinking, problem solving and complex decisions. 


The crystal of unconditional Love, Rose Quartz opens the Heart Chakra and brings deep healing. It can help to restore trust, strengthen empathy, and encourages receptivity to beauty. It aids self-love, self forgiveness, self-acceptance and self-trust.


Smokey Quartz is an excellent grounding stone which anchors you in the earth's energy. It is very good for combating and coping with stress, and brings a positive vibration to your surroundings. It brings emotional calmness and acceptance, and can aid depression by dissolving negative emotions. It aids detoxification on all levels. It brings a clear mind and promotes concentration. It helps to boost the immune system and is beneficial for the digestive system


Strawberry Quartz brings love, understanding and courage with a soothing and calming energy. It brings balance, insight and inspiration, particularly in regards to understanding and loving yourself.


Super 7 is a rare combination stone of Amethyst, Rutile, Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz, Cacoxenite, Goethite, & Lepidocrocite. It is an incredibly powerful crystal for activating your Spirituality. It will help you to expand your consciousness and come into powerful Spiritual alignment. If you want to connect to psychic wisdom and knowledge, and understanding the bigger picture, this crystal can help to propel you forwards on your quest.  


Tourmalinated Quartz is Clear Quartz with little pieces of Tourmaline inside. It combines the properties of the two. It is grounding, spiritually protective, and helps to release tensions of all kinds. It is useful for bringing harmony and problem solving.


Sapphire calms the mind and brings wisdom. It helps to clear frustration, leaving you able to express yourself clearly and truthfully. It brings overall balance on different levels (mind, body, spirit), and will help to bring peace, health and serenity to your life.


Selenite's very fine vibration can help to open your crown and higher chakras, bringing you clarity of thought. It clears confusion and calms any erratic emotions. It is an excellent stone for meditation, bringing deep peace. It has a very pure energy and is a crystal that works very well on spiritual levels.


Shungite is a very powerful purifying stone which is one of the best protectors against Electromagnetic Radiation. Place it on or around your laptop or mobile phone to protect yourself and your enviroment. It is a great detoxing and cleansing crystal. It reduces stress and anxiety by bringing a connection to ground. It will boost your energy levels and your overall health.


Sodalite helps you to understand things intuitively. It is helpful in opening the third eye during meditation. It facilitates logical understanding, and can be used amongst groups to bring trust, harmony and solidarity. It encourages you to seek truth and be true to yourself. It is a calming crystal which enhances self-esteem, reduces over-sensitivity, and allows space for change.


Sunstone is an energising crystal which brings joy and happiness, with a connection to Light and Sun energy. It helps with cutting energetic ties to things which no longer serve you, fostering independence and self-empowerment.


Tiger's Eye is known to bring strength and courage. It combines the earth energy with the energy of the sun, bringing a high yet grounded vibration. It is a strong protection stone, and facilitates manifestation and integrity. It will help you to accomplish your goals. It helps to overcome self-criticism and any self-worth issues. 


Tourmaline is a powerful cleanser and protector. It grounds spiritual energies, and balances and clears the chakras, removing all blockages. It can be used during rituals or energy work to bring ultimate protection. Tourmaline aids understanding, banishes fear and promotes self confidence. It balances the different sides of the brain, and is therefore a powerful mental healer, promoting coherent and positive thought and action. It can be used around plants to act as a natural insecticide, and encourage plant health.

Black Tourmaline is particularly useful for protection against all kinds of negative energies. Place it around your computer or phone for protection against electromagnetic smog. Carry it with you for spiritual grounding and psychic protection. It will clear negative thoughts and promote a positive outlook.

Green Tourmaline opens the heart chakra and promotes compassion, patience and tenderness. It is an abundance stone, and can be used for clarity in decision making. It aids sleep, facilitates weight loss, detoxifies, and helps with the digestive system.

Pink Tourmaline encourages trust in love. It can help with self-love and self-healing caused by blockages in the heart chakra. It promotes peace and relaxation, and stimulates receptivity to healing energies.


Watermelon Tourmaline powerfully activates the heart chakra, promoting love, tenderness, and security. It brings patience and assists understanding. It removes any resistance to healing, and aids in finding joy in situations.


Tourmaline in Quartz is useful for protecting against, and neutralising, any kinds of attack - spiritual, psychic or physical. The Quartz magnifies the properties of the Tourmaline it contains. 


Natural Turquoise is a powerful healing crystal which enhances the immune system, alleviates viral infections and brings well-being to the body. It provides protection from pollution and also helps to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit.


Vanadinite is an energising crystal which brings forth creativity and action-taking. It is a great crystal for artists, writers and other creatives to tap into their own unique self-expression and acheive their goals. It will help to combat fatigue or sluggishness where needed. 

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