In the early morning of the 1st of April we have a new moon in Aries - the passionate fire sign ruled by feisty Mars (ruler of action, passion + desire), and in charge of the 1st house of the self.

Aries is motivated, determined, direct and spontaneous. With bags of enthusiasm, courage and assertive energy, Aries people make engaging community leaders and are great at initiating new projects.

An Aries new moon is a great time to set intentions surrounding your passions and your desires. Put yourself first. Ask yourself - what do you truly want? Take action on new projects and follow your dreams.

With Mercury also in Aries, this is a great time to focus on direct communication. Identify where you need to better communicate your true authentic self, your needs and desires.

With Mars meeting Saturn (ruler of responsibility) during this new moon, this is the perfect time to plan for the future to combine your passions with your work. Ask yourself what unique gifts do you have, that you are passionate about, that you could bring to the world through your work + career?

The following journal prompts are designed to help you tap into this Aries energy, dive deep into yourself, and make your new moon intention setting really powerful:

1. What is something that I really love, something I am truly passionate about, that I don't make enough (or perhaps any) time for in my current lifestyle?

2. What needs to change in order for this passion to flourish? What action can I take towards making room for my passion?

3. In what aspects of my life do I avoid putting myself and my desires first? Why do I do this?

4. In what areas of my life do I need / want to be more courageous, more confident, more spontaneous, and just overall bolder?

5. What assertive action can I take to achieve this boldness, to step into this authentic and empowered version of myself?

Each new and full moon I host an online group chat where we work through the journal prompts together, share insights, and hold space for each other. To get the most out of the session you can work through the prompts before hand, but its not necessary - if you'd like to join in anyway and work through them during then please do!

If you'd like to get involved then please subscribe to my mailing list at the bottom of this page, where every other week I will share the info and zoom link to join the sessions.

Happy New Moon!

Amy x

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