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Updated: May 12, 2022

The Taurus new moon solar eclipse is occurring on Saturday evening, here to bring destined new beginnings and shake us up.

Taurus is the go-getting sensual earth sign here to teach us our worth. Like Libra (our last full moon), Taurus is ruled by Venus - concerned with beauty, love and harmony.

Ruling the 2nd house of Value, Taurus is interested in routine and stability to achieve the things they want, value and enjoy. Where Libra is affected with WHO we love, Taurus is all about WHAT we love.

Taurus is hardworking, dependable and dedicated, whilst also being sensual, decadent and hedonistic. Taurus likes to have nice things and indulge in pleasure - and they know they are worth it. Their so called stubbornness comes from an ability to be receptive to what they know they deserve - they are intentional and stick to their plans so that they can receive the best this world has to offer.

A Taurus new moon is an ideal time to set your mind to something that will add value to your life, and be prepared to see it through to the end. Hard work and dedication to your desired outcome will be rewarded - expand your ability to meet your own material needs.

Focus on areas of personal finance, possessions, ownership, worthiness and comfort. It is a good time to ask ourselves what truly makes us happy, what do we value, and what lights up our senses? What makes you feel worthy? This moon can also be a good time to consider new ways of increasing your income.

Being a solar eclipse (meaning the moon is aligned with the sun to partially obscure it) this new moon may bring with it long term change. Eclipses often throw us a curveball - be prepared to surrender to your intuition and let the Universe guide you. You might think you want one thing to make you truly happy and more stable, but if it isn't fully aligned with you, then it will get swept to one side under this energy.

The following journal prompts are designed to help you tap into this Taurus energy, dive deep into yourself, and help you to surrender to the powerful energy of this solar eclipse:

1. Is there anything I'm holding onto that I'm not truly aligned with (anymore) because it gives me a false sense of security? How is it holding me back and preventing new opportunities and new beginnings from entering my life? (Dream big - what might be possible if I surrender!?)

2. What is one thing in my life that brings me a deep sense of true security and stability?

3. Is there anything I can do, and commit to, to expand this thing in my life? To bring even more security in myself and my worth?

4. What is one material or sensual thing in my life that makes me feel really good? Something I really value, that helps me define my own worth?

5. Is there anything I can do to expand this thing in my life - to indulge myself and my senses in enjoying my life, and to add even more value to it?

Each new and full moon I host an online group chat where we work through the journal prompts together, share insights, and hold space for each other. To get the most out of the session you can work through the prompts before hand, but its not necessary - if you'd like to join in anyway and work through them during then please do!

If you'd like to get involved then please subscribe to my mailing list at the bottom of this page, where every other week I will share the info and zoom link to join the sessions.

Happy Eclipse!

Amy x

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