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REIKI - work one to one with me
I specialize in working with creative people who are feeling disconnected from their higher calling, and want to reconnect to their intuitive expression.
My approach combines distance Reiki with practical goal-focused action, to help you to achieve powerful transformation. 
Do you feel like you are lacking the divine connection which would enable you to embrace your unique creativity, and live your life to the fullest? 
Then I want to help you to rediscover your magic, and utilize it to attract the abundance that you deserve. 
We will work together to remove the deep-seated blocks that are holding you back, and to heal the wounds that keep you stuck in the same narrative. I will help to re-align you with your true potential, to reclaim your power and discover your true value in the world.
Your unique creative magic is your superpower! Let's tap into it!⁠
Reiki stands for Universal (or Divine)- Energy (Rei-ki). A Reiki treatment uses energy transfer to bring balance & deep healing to the body, mind & soul (working on the Chakra system).  

I currently work using distance (rather than in-person) Reiki. I have found it to be just as effective and transformative as in-person treatments. I often find that, due to the subtleties of distance healing, we can work on an even deeper Spiritual level. 

Just like in-person Reiki, a treatment is a very relaxing and meditative experience. You may feel floaty or out-of-body whilst the energy is being sent. You should always make sure you're able to lie down and fully relax to receive distance Reiki. 

Please contact me to book a free phone consultation to discuss how we can work together. Or read below if you'd like a distance Reiki taster:


I think it's understandable to be hesitant about investing in distance healing if you have never experienced it, It's a much more abstract concept than a hands-on, in-person treatment. With this in mind, I offer donation based taster sessions to people reaching out to me for the first time. We don't delve into the coaching side of things during these tasters, but you can get a feel for how the energy side of it works. This 20 minute taster will give you a feel for distance Reiki, and help to demonstrate how regular sessions could support your healing journey - much like in-person treatments. You can give whatever you like as a donation - so there's nothing to lose from trying it out! 

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