Reiki stands for Universal (or Divine)- Energy (Rei-ki). A Reiki treatment uses energy transfer to bring balance & deep healing to the body, mind & soul (working on the Chakra system).  

I currently offer distance Reiki only. I have found it to be just as effective and transformative as in-person treatments. I often find that, due to the subtleties of distance healing, we can work on an even deeper Spiritual level. 

Just like in-person Reiki, a treatment is a very relaxing and meditative experience. You may feel floaty or out-of-body whilst the energy is being sent. You should always make sure you're able to lie down and fully relax to receive distance Reiki. 

Please contact me to book in if you are interested in any of the following distance Reiki packages (my timetable is flexible):

Distance Reiki taster session - 20 mins - donation based

I think it's understandable to be hesitant about investing in distance healing if you have never experienced it. It's a much more abstract concept than a hands-on, in-person treatment. With this in mind, I offer these taster sessions to people booking in for the first time. This 20 minute taster will give you a feel for distance Reiki, and help to demonstrate how regular sessions could support your healing journey - much like in-person treatments. You can give whatever you like as a donation - so there's nothing to lose from trying it out!

Distance Reiki, energy only - 30 mins - £15 

We'll pick a time, and I'll send distance Reiki to you whilst you relax in a place of your choice. I'll send a brief follow up text with any insights, and you are welcome to reply and ask any questions that you need to. 

Distance Reiki with pre-consultation - 45 mins - £25

A 15 minute phone chat before the treatment will help us to set some intentions, tune in to what you need from the session, and what you want to get out of it. We'll jot down some ideas for things to cultivate and/or things to release.


Distance Reiki with follow-up insights - 45 mins - £25

A 15 minute phone chat after the treatment will help us to evaluate any insights from the session. I can help you to process anything that has come up for you, and we have a chance to share any Spirit messages or information that may have been sent to me during the treatment. 

Distance Reiki with both pre-consultation and follow-up insights - 1 hour - £30

The full shebang, to make for an in-depth and transformative session. 


Distance Reiki & personal manifestation coaching workshop - 2.5 hours - £75

This session is designed as a very personal workshop for anyone seeking deeper transformation, and will work best if you have a specific intention you'd like to focus on, or something you'd really like to shift. It includes a longer pre-consultation and follow-up so that we can really dive in and draw on your POWER.

We'll have a zoom call before I send the energy, time for us to really tap into to your needs & intentions, and open up a transformative portal. This will include journaling and getting into our flow, some gentle movement and breathwork. I'll then send the Reiki energy (time to relax). Then we'll have another zoom/video call as the follow up - time for us to ground the energy, anchor in to what came up in the session, and journal around how you can use that going forwards with intention. 

We can include tarot cards in this session if it's something you feel drawn to, either during the consultation or the evaluation. I'll also advise you on crystals to use, or other guidance that comes to me (it may be quite intuitive). 


Group distance Reiki & manifestation workshops - 2 to 3 hours - £25 (themes and dates confirmed on social media / mailing list)

These sessions are for anyone who wants to connect to a group dynamic and share their ideas, intentions & insights in the group space. These sessions are helpful for anyone who wants to focus more on connection & communication, and cultivate motivation and action in their life. 

We'll have a zoom call where I'll lead us in journaling around a particular theme or intention (set before the session). We can share our ideas and hold space for each other where needed. I'll then send Reiki to the group as a whole. Then we'll have another zoom call to evaluate the Reiki session and anchor in to how we can move forwards with intention.

Contact me for more info & to book in