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Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Of course with a business name like Copper Myst, and working with copper all of the time through my art, its not surprising to hear that I love Copper! I love how it looks, and the amazing jewellery I can make with it.

Did you know that copper, like crystals, also has its own energetic and healing properties?

Copper is an amazing metal which is known to have many health benefits. Indeed your body needs a certain amount of copper in it as an essential mineral to assist with functions such as red blood cell production, organ function and general growth and development. It also assists in boosting the immune system, reducing Cholesterol, and helping blood flow.

Another fun fact about copper is that it is antibacterial and antiviral. It literally destroys and inhibits the growth of nasty microbes, fungi and bacteria when they are on its surface.

When you wear copper against your skin it can help with the reduction of swelling and inflammation.

Your body absorbs traces of copper from your jewellery, helping you to maintain a healthy level of copper in your body. Copper has traditionally been worn to help with arthritis or inflammation of the joints.

Copper-rich foods are of course another great way to keep on top of your intake; they include beans, nuts, seeds, leafy greens, oysters, and cocoa. Another good way to absorb copper and its fantastic properties is to drink water from a copper vessel.

As with Crystals, Copper has its own spiritual properties, such as to attract wealth, love, fertility and luck.

Wearing copper can assist your ability for self-expression, boost your self-esteem, and generally attract positive energy to you.

Copper is an excellent energy conductor physically, and so also spiritually. It conducts energy between different energy fields, people and auras, and can aid with psychic communications.

Copper enhances and connects the energies of any Crystals that it surrounds.

It will bring a general energy-boost to the wearer, especially when combined with energising crystals (such as Clear Quartz, Carnelian or Citrine).

So if the magical healing energies of the crystals in your Copper Myst treasure weren't already enough, now you know a little about what the energies of the copper itself are doing for you, as well!

Go get your Copper Myst jewellery on, and have a happy, lucky, and energised day!

Amy x

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