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On Friday the moon is full in Aquarius, bringing big shifts and dramatic action.

Aquarius is the innovative and eccentric air sign who leads the way in reform. Being a fixed sign, Aquarius follows through on plans and projects, and is great at leading people to liberation. This full moon is a time to break the status quo. Do something out of the ordinary and shake things up!

Aquarius rules the 11th house of groups, friendship, idealism, and the collective. This energy is great for letting go of anything that doesn't serve your community. How could you shift your mindset to bring more freedom for all? With the right group of people you will be able to make BIG things happen.

Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius is lead by themes of revolution, innovation, society, and invention. Aquarius is self-reliant but humanitarian-driven. They are unique, often quirky and resist classification or being hemmed in to one 'box' or group of expectations. Highly intelligent with an original outlook and strong sense of justice, visionary Aquarians often lead the way to ambitious change for the collective.

Under this energy we can ask ourselves: How can we free ourselves and others from our 'normal' expectations? This is a time to work on letting go of restrictions, liberating ourselves and others from emotional burdens with a free-thinking attitude.

The following journal prompts are designed to help you tap into this Aquarius energy, dive deep into yourself, and let go with this full moon:

1. What big (revolutionary!) changes would I love to see in my life, for myself and for those around me?

2. What habits would need to be broken to make these changes?

3. In what parts of my life would I love to feel more liberated, more free to express myself fully?

4. What parts of my psyche, my mindset and my perceptions are restricting me from achieving this liberation?

5. How can I let go of these things, and make long lasting changes, that allow me to step into a less restricted version of myself?

6. What collaborations might I open up for myself if I let these things go? Who would I love to collaborate with, and in what capacity? - Think big!

There's no moon gathering for this moon as I am in the middle of a house move, so things are a little hectic! But I'll see you live on zoom for the new moon in Virgo in two weeks.

Make sure you're on my mailing list to receive the zoom link and information.

I hope you enjoy working through these prompts, and making some shifts under this full moon!

Much love, Amy x

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