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Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Rather than thinking of the bathroom simply as a place to wash, start thinking of it as a place to cleanse.

Immersing yourself in water can be one of the best ways to cleanse your aura and refresh your energy. Most of us do it daily without thinking of it as the powerful cleansing tool that it is.

So what if you could turn your morning shower into a daily cleansing ritual? One that can be done easily and effectively to keep your vibe high for the rest of the day.

Or easily create an indulgent bath time, centered in relaxation and self-care, which will leave you feeling refreshed and reset?

Start by setting your intentions in the space. Smudge your bathroom with sage, and set the energy as a space which will now serve to cleanse you every time you are in there.

Next time you have a shower or bath, say a short mantra at the beginning, stating your intentions to cleanse and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

Allow yourself to let go of anything you are holding onto, by taking three long deep breaths and relaxing your body before you begin your cleanse, and again during.

From now on, whenever you are bathing, see the water as bright white light washing away anything you no longer want to carry.

By adding crystals, you can quickly amplify this new found cleansing and rejuvenating bathroom energy to make it even more powerful.

As the master cleanser, Clear Quartz is great for the bathroom. You can use a Clear Quartz during a shower to absorb any negativity you want to wash away, to enhance the cleansing energy of the water, and intensify the energy of your intentions.

Hold it, place it beside you, or if it is accessible, place it between you and the water source.

You can place a Clear Quartz in the bath with you to super-charge the water. Or use a Rose Quartz crystal to charge your water with it's gentle energy, to really help you indulge in self-care.

It's loving and soothing energy will help you to relax, washing away any stress whilst you prioritise wellness and self-love.

These simple acts of mindfulness combined with Reiki-charged crystal energy can really make a big difference to how you think about and use your daily shower or relaxing bath time!

Happy bathing!

Amy x

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