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Updated: Jan 11, 2021

What intentions have you set recently to begin the manifestation of your dreams? And have you been working on them steadily?

Maintaining a regular routine to make sure you give enough energy to follow through with your intentions can be a tricky one! Here are a couple of key pointers for successfully following through with your intentions...

1. Build a routine and stick to it.

With only a couple of dedicated minutes each day you can really achieve a lot.

Remember I suggested leaving your sacred space from the Moon rituals set up if you can? Pick a set time of day to return to that little space, and say a short prayer, write your intention again, light a candle, or whatever else works for you.

Make sure you are giving energy to your intention!

If you don't have a dedicated space, then you can still choose a set time of the day to sit alone and focus on your intention, write it down, do a short visualisation.

I think the key to this routine is keep it simple, do it at a set time, and make sure you really really focus on your intention, even if it is just for a few minutes.

Truly dedicating continued energy to the manifestation process will carry it forwards.

2. Use your crystals!

When you perform your simple daily routine, use a Clear Quartz to boost the energy you are working on.

Quartz is an amplifier, and will help your intention to grow.

It will also help you with focus and meditation.

Choose some other crystals which are relevant to your intention or goal, and either keep them at your sacred space, or keep them in your bag ready to use whenever you need them.

Feel free to ask me if you'd like help choosing your crystals!

3. Check in.

Choose a pocket stone to carry with you that you can touch throughout the day to remind you of your intention.

If it's not a crystal, maybe a lucky talisman, something associated with your intention.

Personally I have certain pendants and rings that I associate with different intentions, which I wear on appropriate days to remind myself to check in.

Each time you touch it, work consciously to remind yourself of your intention, and how far you have come since your new moon ritual.

It is always further than you think, even though sometimes it might feel like you aren't getting anywhere.

Finding a simple way to regularly check in with your intention and it's place in your life will help you to keep focused on heading towards it.

4. Organisation.

If your goal is a pretty big one, then there are going to be a lot of steps to take before you fully manifest it.

Make sure you organise what you need to do and put into place to work towards your dreams, rather than throwing yourself in at the deep end and feeling deflated.

Be realistic with yourself, and don't forget to celebrate each little step along the way.

Manifestation is a journey! Enjoy it.

5. Self care and rest.

Don't forget to re-charge. If you are giving a lot of energy to something it can end up depleting you (I am guilty of this one!).

Dedicated focus in a manifestation process shouldn't be draining, it should just be steady and constant.

Make sure you are taking care of yourself so you can maintain a healthy pace and balance.

Something as simple as a Clear Quartz-charged shower or bath can be all you need to reset and recharge, or you might need a little more time.

Find what works for you, and take the time you need. If you need to, have a day off, safe in the knowledge that you are going in the right direction.

6. Believe in your magic.

You are powerful, and the Universe is listening. The more you believe, the more you receive.

I hope these few little pointers have been helpful. I would love to hear how you're getting on with the manifestation of intentions in the comments!

Much love, Amy x

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