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Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Tonight is the night of the Full Moon. In this phase, the moon is sitting at it's furthest from the sun, with the Earth in between the two, so that the face facing towards us on Earth is completely lit up.

The day of, or few days surrounding, the Full Moon is the perfect time to let go of what is no longer serving us, and give thanks for the abundance in our lives that we make space for. ⁠

The Full Moon energy often gets you feeling creative, energised and ready for action.

Now is the time to give thanks for the manifestation of all that we worked on at the time of the New Moon. Can you feel a difference since our intention setting ritual two weeks ago? The Full Moon brings the deliverance of the seeds we planted - things are now coming into fruition.

Think about the goals and dreams you focused on for the New Moon ritual, and the positive habits you wanted to get into. If your goal was quite bite-sized, you might find that the vibrant energy of tonight's Full Moon has already delivered more than you imagined you could manifest in only two weeks!

If it was something larger, and you used the New Moon ritual to really hone in on the aspects of it you could start off with, you should feel that you are now on a really good path now that this Full Moon is delivering it's abundant energy.

Remember to work with this Full Moon energy by giving thanks for the abundance that is flowing into your life, and letting go of what no longer serves you to make space for more abundance to enter.

If you didn't do the New Moon ritual two weeks ago, don't worry, you can start your moon ritual cycle at any time!

LETTING GO WITH THE FULL MOON: Find some time, either now or later on this evening, to do this simple Full Moon Ritual.

You might still have your space and your crystals set up from the last ritual we did two weeks ago. If not, and this is the first time you are doing a moon ritual, that's fine too!

Choose a quiet place where you can focus and bring your attention within. Cleanse the space using Sage, incense or Palo Santo before you begin. Light a candle (important for today's ritual), make yourself comfortable and present. Bring a pen and paper.

Use crystals such as Clear Quartz, Moonstone, Selenite, and Labradorite, to help to enhance your intentions and tune in with the Moon's energy. If you are finding the Full Moon energy really strong, you might also like to use Smokey Quartz to anchor yourself in with the Earth. Smokey Quartz will also help you to let go of what no longer serves you.

You can place the crystals in a grid around an object, a written phrase, or even around yourself, to intensify the energies. Sit in this space you have created for yourself, and reflect upon the goal that you began to manifest two weeks ago. Which parts have come into fruition? What lessons have you learnt on the way so far?

If you didn't do the New Moon ritual and you are starting the ritual cycle tonight with the Full Moon, no worries! Sit in your space and think about all the things you are grateful for in your life today.

Say 'Thank You' out loud three times to the Universe, your angels, or however feels right for you to direct that thanks - make it known.

Next, think deeply about what you need to let go of from your life in order to continue (or begin, if you are joining in today!) the manifestation of your dreams. This is all about making space for that abundance to flow into your life.

Think about what it is you want, and now think about what it is that you need to lose from your life to work towards achieving it.

Really try to focus on one thing you'd like to let go of with this Full Moon.

If you did the ritual two weeks ago, refer to your list of 'Things to lose/remove', and pick one thing that you feel ready and able to let go of tonight. Write down on a small piece of paper the specific thing you want to let go of, to call in further abundance and manifestation of your dreams.

It might be a bad habit, a job, an unhealthy friendship/relationship, a self-critical voice in your mind, anxiety, a negative pattern.

Whatever it is, see yourself as already being without it.

Picture yourself in your mind without that thing in your life, with it no longer holding you back, well on the way to achieving your overall goal. Now with the candle you lit earlier, burn that piece of paper with the intention of letting that thing go completely.

As it burns, see it as gone from your life. Do a deep belly breath in, and as you slowly exhale, feel yourself completely cleansed from holding onto this thing. You have totally let it go. Feel it gone from your life.

If you can, leave your sacred space set up and leave your crystals out in the Full Moon energy tonight to charge them. Return to your space each evening and say 'Thank You' three times again out loud, to thank the Universe for the abundance that is flowing into your life.

By the time of the New Moon, ⁠go back to our ritual from two weeks ago to work through the next steps of your manifestation process.

Continue the cycle of New Moon / Full Moon rituals to see what you can achieve with the aid of the magical Moon's energy. Happy Full Moon! Believe in your magic!

Amy x

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