Welcome to my little world...

A behind the scenes glimpse into my studio...

My Liverpool-based studio is the Headquarters of my little business.

I create every unique piece of Copper Myst jewellery here, as well as store all of my stock, and do my 'office' work, too.

I'll often be found multi-tasking, switching between work bench and desk work, enjoying my creative little space!

Everything creative happens here.

Selecting crystals and collection designing...

Building the pieces...

The different stages include:

- mixing an epoxy paste which forms the structure of the piece

- cutting and shaping the copper for the bands

- building the pieces with the paste

- dremeling the pieces to shape them

- painting the piece with conductive paint

- protecting the stones with liquid latex

After all of these stages, the pieces are ready for the Electroforming bath...

This is the part of the process where the pieces are submerged in a copper sulphate solution with electricity running through, allowing a nice thick layer of copper to form. It is essentially a thick plating process, you can read all about it here.