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Updated: Jan 9, 2022

How to care for your Copper Myst Crystal jewellery:

Handle with care - some crystals can be fragile, and if knocked they could break or fall out from their setting.

Avoid contact with water and/or soap and chemicals.

Some crystals can't get wet, and the copper will tarnish quicker if it does. Soaps or chemicals can harm the Electroformed surface and damage the copper.

Copper will naturally change with time, generally becoming duller and darker. If you prefer to keep your copper jewellery nice and shiney, you can polish it with lemon juice and water, or a polishing cloth.

I've actually used the scouring side of a kitchen sponge on more than one occasion to buff up my own jewellery at home, which works fine too!

Just be careful that you only rub the copper and not the crystals, as certain ones will scratch or mark. ⁠Also, be aware that polishing will affect the aesthetic of the patina - it will get lighter where you polish

Place your jewellery on the windowsill during a Full Moon to charge it. You can also leave it in a sunny place, but make sure the crystal won't fade (eg Rose Quartz can lose its colour in the sun), or cause a fire - Quartz left on or in front of something flammable can be dangerous because it can amplify the sunlight (unlikely to happen, but worth being aware of!)

Use sound or smoke to cleanse it. I love to use a singing bowl to cleanse my crystals, and I cleanse every Copper Myst order in this way before I post it. I also love to hold my crystals in Sage or Palo Santo smoke.

Avoid sunbathing in your jewellery. Copper jewellery won't mark your clothes or any fabric, unless potentially it was left very still in a humid environment for a long time - best not to sunbathe in your jewellery! I like to leave my copper raw, so that wearers of Copper Myst jewellery can get the health benefits of the copper absorption. Some people find that they get skin discolouration from wearing raw copper against the skin, caused by salts and acids in our sweat reacting with the metal. It's not dangerous at all, but some people don't like how it looks. This normally only happens with rings, and heat will obviously exasperate it - another reason not to sunbathe in your jewellery!

If you have any other questions about how to care for your Copper Myst jewellery, please don't hesitate to contact me, or leave a comment below!

Amy x

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