A fancy name for something very simple, a Crystal Elixir is simply water which has been charged with the energies of a crystal.

It is common practice to drink crystal elixirs as one way of absorbing a crystal's energetic properties, and reaping their healing benefits. You might also want to use it to wash, cleanse other crystals or objects, or from a dropper bottle to rub onto the body in small quantities, for healing.

How do I make a Crystal Elixir?

You can make a crystal elixir using a direct or indirect method.

The direct method is very simple:

Choose a crystal, pop it in a glass, and pour water over it.

Leave your crystal to stand in the water for a few hours, covered if necessary, to allow the water to absorb the vibration of the crystal.

Photographed is Rose Quartz, a Love infused crystal elixir, that you might choose for self-care or opening the Heart Chakra. You might choose Clear Quartz for a healing boost, or Amethyst for opening the Third Eye before a meditation.

Whichever crystal you choose, make sure it can be placed directly in water. Some crystals will dissolve, or leak toxins into the water which could be dangerous. Most Quartz based crystals are safe to place directly in water, such as those mentioned above.

So what if the crystal I choose can't be placed in water?

You can use the indirect method to create a crystal elixir made with crystals which don't like water.

Again, it's very simple:

Choose your crystal, pop it in an empty glass or jar, and stand that in a larger container of water

Again, leave it to stand covered for a few hours, and allow the energies to be absorbed.

You might use this method if you're feeling drawn to dissolvable crystals such as Selenite. Malachite is an example of a crystal which is toxic, and would be very dangerous to use directly.

Always research the crystals you want to work with before you make a crystal elixir, and if you feel unsure, either go indirect, or just stick to Clear Quartz.