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Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Using crystals and their energies to alter and enhance the vibes of your house can help you to turn it into your perfect home. Here's my top list of crystals to have in your main living space:

1. Fluorite

Fluorite is a very strong auric-protector, and can help you to overcome any kinds of unwanted psychic influences or manipulation. It is a useful crystal for cleansing and purifying, and can be used to draw out negative energies.

Having a piece of Fluorite in your main living space will help you to keep your own energy strong and defined within your space.

Fluorite is also the best crystal to use for overcoming any kinds of disorganisation, energetic or physical, which will help you to feel on top of things in your day-to-day living space, preventing stress.

2. Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz is an excellent grounding stone which anchors you in the earth's energy. It is very good for combating and coping with stress, and brings a positive vibration to your surroundings.

A large piece of Smokey Quartz in your living space will help to make it the ultimate cosy, stress-free, chilled-out hideaway.

3. Selenite

Selenite's very fine vibration raises and charges the energy of its surroundings, so it's perfect to purify the vibes of your living space - keeping the energy clear and high. Selenite can help to bring you clarity of thought, clear confusion, and calm any erratic emotions.

Adding Selenite to your living space will help it to serve you as a high vibing haven

4. Agate

Agate has a very stable energy, and it is a very calming and soothing crystal.

I love Agate in a living space to bring an ongoing and unwavering sense of calm and balance.

5. Amethyst

Amethyst is great for bringing spirituality into your living space.

It is a powerful protection crystal with a high spiritual vibration which enhances meditation, brings spiritual awareness, and encourages spiritual wisdom.

If you would like to invite a deeper spiritual understanding into your life at home, then awaken you intuition with a piece of Amethyst in the living space.

6. Tourmaline

Last but certainly not least, Black Tourmaline in your living space will bring ultimate protection. It is very effective against electromagnetic stress, so it's great to have it near any electrics or wifi boxes in your living space to calm any electromagnetic smog and protect yourself from it.

A piece of black Tourmaline above or around the front door will bring protection for the whole house.

Let me know in the comments which crystals you have in your living space!

Amy x

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