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Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Selenite is one of my favourite crystals to work with and to have around the home. Its very fine vibration brings in mega-positivity, and it cleanses and charges whatever it is around.

It is a great idea to use a Selenite bar is as a charging bank for your other crystals, and your crystal jewellery

I think a Selenite bar is a crystal necessity for any alter. It looks absolutely beautiful as a way to display your crystals and jewellery, and it keeps there vibrations high and mighty, ready for you to wear and work with!

Selenite's high vibration opens up your higher chakras, bringing clarity, clearing confusion, and calming any erratic emotions. It is perfect for meditation - its energy will immediately raise your spiritual vibration.

Selenite is a purifying crystal. One way you can work with it as a holistic tool is to use it to cleanse your aura of any unwanted energies.

Simply sweep it along and away from the body in a fluid and intentional movement. 

I often use mine like this during Reiki treatments, to cleanse my client's Aura and the space as I work.


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