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Updated: Jan 9, 2022

We all love the serene glow of a Himalayan rock salt lamp. But they are more than just a pretty light! They also have health benefits.

Himalayan rock salt lamps can:

1. Clean & deodorize the air

Himalayan salt lamps clean the air by attracting and absorbing water molecules and locking them in to the salt crystal, along with any miniscule particles those water molecules carry with them.

This means cleaner air for you in your home.

2. Relieve Asthma and allergies

Along with any odors or chemical particles, water molecules can also carry dust and other impurities to be trapped into the salt lamp, cleansing the air of nasties to aid easier breathing.

Himalayan salt also acts as a natural ionizer, changing the electrical charge of the air around it by emitting negative ions, which can be beneficial for oxygen absorption.

3. Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation

By emitting negative ions, Himalayan salt lamps help to neutralize electromagnetic radiation (positively charged ions).

This can lead to a reduction in stress levels.

4. Help with concentration

As negatively charged ions help the brain and body to absorb oxygen, having a Himalayan salt lamp or tealight holder in the room can help to improve concentration, and can also be very uplifting for our mood.

5. Aid better sleep

The beautiful orange light of Himalayan salt lamps helps to balance physical, spiritual and emotional energies, promoting peace and relaxation, the perfect recipe for a deep and peaceful sleep.

It's highly beneficial to have a Himalayan salt lamp in your main living space and your bedroom, to keep the air cleansed and the atmosphere calm and positive.

Keep your Himalayan salt lamp switched on regularly to ensure you reap the health benefits it can bring - the slight heat from the bulbs is essential to the ionization process.

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