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So you are delving into the world of Crystals. You've read a bit about them and what they do (perhaps you've read my Understanding Crystal Basics blog), and you have now come to the stage where you are ready to choose your first few to work with. Then read on!

My general rule, and you'll find this is the general rule of most people who work with crystals, is to go with what you are automatically drawn to. Don't overthink it.

If you are buying crystals in person, then get used to handling them and feeling which of the different energies resonate with you the most. You will find that there are some which you won't feel anything from, some you will want to put down straight away, and some which you will just need to keep hold of!

And this will change all of the time according to what you've got going on in your life. Certain crystals that you felt nothing from the first time you looked, might suddenly jump out at you next time, particularly if you've had a change in your life circumstances.

Your hands might feel tingly, hot, or cold when experiencing the energies of the different crystals.

Try to allow yourself to listen to your intuition and feel which ones want to stay with you. As you get used to trusting your intuition you'll find that you instinctively know which energies are going to benefit you.

Choosing online? Look at the photos and try to imagine yourself holding that crystal. Imagine how it would feel in your hand - is it smooth? Rough? Bumpy? Sharp? Imagine the shape and the weight of the crystal, and try to decide whether you feel like you want to hold it, or put it down.

Again, it's just intuition. You may imagine one crystal and feel instinctively that you really want to hold it for real! And others you're not too bothered about. It's just down to instinctively being drawn to something.

Finding it difficult to know where to begin? Or to trust your intuition? Maybe you prefer to know at least some information before you start. Or maybe you've got a really specific thing that you'd like your crystal to help with. Click here to go to my crystal info page.

If you have any questions or would like extra help choosing your crystals, please don't hesitate to contact me at

Enjoy your crystal hunting!

Amy x

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