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Updated: Mar 4, 2021

It's important to cleanse your crystals regularly to rid them of any unwanted energies they might be holding.

Charging your crystals ensures that their vibration is as high and pure as possible, so you can reap their full healing benefits.

These are my favourite and most used ways to keep my crystal collection fresh:

You can also try these methods:

- Burn Sage or Incense around your crystals

- Bury your crystals in the earth

- Visualise your crystals being filled with white light

- Breathe on your crystals and imagine your cleansing breath flowing into them

- Leave your crystals on a bed of sea salt

Cleanse your crystals as often as you feel inclined to. I rinse or sound-bath mine whenever they've been used. Charge by the full moon each month, and leave them in the sun regularly. You'll feel a difference in the vibrations of a charged crystal compared to a tired one!

Remember to always use, cleanse & charge your crystals with conscious intention.

Amy x

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