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Updated: Jan 9, 2022

A lot of people are drawn to crystals and interested in their healing properties, but end up wondering what it is they should actually do with crystals once they've got them.

How can you use the energies and properties of crystals to enhance your health, well being, and spiritual journey?

The answers aren't complicated or inaccessible, and can often be as simple as carrying your crystals with you or holding them in your pocket.

Here are just a few ideas of ways you might incorporate crystals into your daily life:


Of course one of my very favourite ways to use crystals is to wear them!

I have quite a collection of copper Electroformed pieces I've made myself, as well as silver rings and some wire-wrapped and macrame beauties from other crystal crafters.

If you have a varied collection of crystal jewellery, you will find you will gravitate to different ones on different days, depending on how you feel and what's going on with you. Its always nice to wear crystals over the heart to sense a real connection with their energies, or as rings so that you can admire their beauty all day long!


Use crystals during meditation to focus on and tune in to their energies in a dedicated way. This can help to align your frequency with that of higher or more acute energetic realms that the crystal resonates with.

For example, holding and focusing on an Amethyst during meditation can help you to tune in to and open the energy of your third eye and crown Chakras. The same with a Clear Quartz. These crystals will generally enhance any mediation by raising your vibration.

To go a bit deeper with this, if there is something specific you want to explore during a meditation, you could use a crystal that you know aligns with that thing.

For example, you've been having tummy troubles. You want to hone in on that during a meditation to release any tensions, and to understand more about what's going on in your body in that area - hold a Clear Quartz in one hand to help you enter a meditative state, and a piece of Carnelian or orange Calcite in the other to tune into your Sacral Chakra and explore that area.

Meditating with crystals is a great way to focus on the energy of the crystals, and allow their resonance to guide you.


I often use crystals on the body in Chakra placements. Lie down and place an appropriate crystal on each Chakra, to help to bring alignment and balance.

A good way to pair your crystals to your Chakras is by colour.

Each Chakra has a corresponding colour, and generally the crystals that resonate with a Chakra are the same colour as it. The crown Chakra is lilac or clear, Third Eye purple, Throat blue, Heart pink or green, Solar Plexus yellow, Sacral orange and Root red or black.

There are of course exceptions, but a rainbow down the body is a good and easy way to start to understand and work with your crystals on your Chakras.


Using crystals on or around your body in a grid formation can be a powerful way to channel and direct their energies into your body. You can create all sorts of kinds of Crystal grids, but a simple way to create a grid would be to use Clear Quartz points.

Pointing raw Quartz crystals at the body or away from the body will channel energies towards or away from you

Think about which way the point is facing and how that amplifies and directs energy in that direction.

Say you need some heart healing, you might sit on the ground and place four pieces of Rose Quartz around you, one on each side like a circle. Then you could add a Clear Quartz in front of each Rose Quartz to direct and amplify the energy of the Rose Quartz grid circle towards you at the centre. Then sit and tune into the beautiful energy field that you have created for yourself! You could add other crystals or move things around intuitively according to what feels right or beneficial.

Just make sure you cleanse the space you are working in before you do any kinds of energy work there (you can do this easily by burning sage with the windows open, or ringing a singing bowl).

Make sure you're not amplifying any unwanted energies by using your crystals in an un-cleansed space.


Talking of spaces, you can also use crystal grids to protect and amplify the energy of spaces.

This could be something as simple as a desk space - for example Fluorite is great for organisation, so a piece of that teamed with a Clear Quartz in front of it pointing in towards the desk, could help you to focus and get organised at work.

In a semi-circle around the edges of the desk, add a Carnelian for creativity, a Tiger's eye for confidence, a Shungite for protection from EMS from your computer, a Blue Lace Agate for communications, and a Tourmaline for overall protection, and you've got yourself one high-vibing workspace.

You might want to grid a larger space, such as a bedroom, or even a whole house.

Use the same principles- choose the crystals you think will benefit you and your chosen space, and place them logically and with intention around the perimeters of the space to channel their energies into it.


You might be interested in the idea of using crystals around the house, but a grid seems a bit overwhelming or inaccessible.

Try placing different crystals in different rooms to alter and enhance the different vibes.

Rose Quartz is great for the bedroom, it is calming and loving and warm. It will attract and help to maintain love. Red jasper or Carnelian bring a fieriness that can be good for passion in the bedroom. Amethyst is good for sleep.

The positive and sunny energy of Citrine can be nice in the kitchen, to bring an uplifting boost to the space where you prepare your sustenance and source of such enjoyment - your food! A happy and uplifted kitchen spaces always makes for delicious food.

Smokey Quartz, Fluorite, Agate and Amethyst are good for the living room, to bring stress-relief, stability, balance and calm. Selenite is another good crystal for the living space as it will raise the vibration and charge the energy of the room if needed.

As the master cleanser, Clear Quartz is great for the bathroom - a room of cleansing and rejuvenation. Use Clear Quartz to enhance your morning shower into a daily cleansing ritual. A nice relaxing bath demands a Rose Quartz crystal to really help you indulge in self-care.

If you have children, the calming energies of Celestite in their bedrooms can help them to feel safe, secure and peaceful in their space.

A piece of black Tourmaline above or around the front door will bring protection for the whole house.


Another way to absorb the energies of your crystals is by creating a crystal elixir - a fancy name for what is simply water which has had, or still got, a crystal in it.

Pop a crystal in your water glass and let the water absorb its energetic vibrations, before drinking them directly into your body!

Just be careful - some crystals are water soluble and some are actually poisonous. Always check the internet before creating a crystal elixir if you are unsure if your chosen crystal is suitable to be used in this way.

Clear Quartz is fine, and as it is the master healer, you can be sure a Clear Quartz elixir can help with what you need!


Taking a few moments in a stressful, busy or problematic situation to stop and do some deep breaths is always beneficial. Holding a crystal during this simple practice can help to enhance it.

Simply take a few moments to hold your crystal, tune in to its energy, check in with yourself, and check in with your breathing - like a mini meditation.

Some examples of go-to crystals for day to day mini-meditations are Smokey Quartz when you need to ground and de-stress yourself, Rose Quartz if you are upset, Carnelian if you feel lethargic, and Amethyst before you go to bed.


Keep a nice smooth crystal in your pocket to touch throughout your day.

You can use a pocket stone to ground yourself (Smokey Quartz / Jasper), to bring some confidence (Citrine / Tiger's eye), for an energy boost (Carnelian / Clear Quartz), for guidance (Selenite / Celestite), or for protection (Tourmaline / obsidian).