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Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Tonight is the night of the New Moon. This is the phase of the moon when we can't see it in the night sky. It is sitting directly between us and the sun, so the face facing towards us on Earth is completely in shadow.

The day of, or few days surrounding, the New Moon is the perfect time to set intentions to manifest your dreams. ⁠

This new moon energy is like a blank canvas for you to make an impression on, and if you work consciously to make a good impression at this time, you will reap the benefits for the rest of the lunar cycle, and way into the future.⁠ ⁠

Now is the time to cleanse and wash away old energies and stagnant patterns, to make room for growth and renewal in our lives. It is a time for planting seeds and beginning new projects, for resetting old habits and launching into action.

Think about the goals and dreams you would like to achieve, or positive habits you would like to get into. It might be something as simple as doing a meditation once a day, or a ten minute yoga routine of a morning.

Or it might be a larger and more long-term goal such as setting up a business, changing career, or planning a life changing trip. You should use this New Moon energy as an aid to manifest these goals.


Find some time, either now or later on this evening, to do a simple New Moon Ritual.

Choose a quiet place where you can focus and bring your attention within. Bring a pen and paper. Cleanse the space using Sage, incense or Palo Santo before you begin. Light a candle or a cosy lamp, make yourself comfortable and present.

Use crystals such as natural Citrine, Clear Quartz, Moonstone, and Labradorite, to help to enhance your intentions and tune in with the Moon's energy. You can place the crystals in a grid around an object, a written phrase, or even around yourself, to intensify the energies of your manifestation.

Sit in this space you have created for yourself, and reflect upon your goal.

What is the main thing you would like to manifest with the aid of tonight's New Moon? Write it in big letters at the top of your page.

Next, think deeply about what you need to put into place to begin the process of making this goal happen. Do you need more discipline, a better routine, more money, an inspiring person to look up to, a boost of energy, to learn some new skills?

Think about what it is you want, and now think about what it is that you need to either lose from your life, or put into place in your life, to work towards achieving it.

Write down as many of these things as you can underneath your goal. You could put them in two columns if it makes sense to do so, Things to lose/remove, and Things to put into place/acquire.

Maybe some of these things are actually quite big goals in themselves. In which case, do a whole separate page for them, with them as the main goal at the top. What do you need to do to achieve that part of the overall goal?

When you have spent enough time getting together your list of things to let go and things to acquire, decide where you will begin.

For tonight's moon, focus on something you need to acquire, and see yourself as already having it

Something that needs to come into your life to set the wheels in motion for your main goal. It might be an object, a skill, a state of mind, more time. Whatever it is, picture yourself in your mind having that thing, well on the way to achieving your overall goal.

On a separate piece of paper, write a manifestation message to yourself which focuses on this first starting point. Start with ‘I am...’ or 'I have...' as though that thing is already part of your life.

Eg, 'I have enough time', 'I am financially stable', 'I am a skilled musician', 'I have a driver's license'. Write this ten times over, or as many times as you like, until it feels done. Now say it out-loud, and feel yourself knowing that you already have this thing in your life.

If you can, leave your manifestation space set up and leave your written goals at the centre of your crystal grid. Return to it each evening and re-write and re-say your intention, as many times as you like, to reiterate to yourself and the Universe that this thing is coming your way (in fact, you already have it!).

Your goal might be really big, and it may take many New Moons to manifest it, or you might find that it happens really quickly once you start to focus your intentions in this direct way.

Try it tonight, and stick with the re-writing of your first step for the next two weeks.

By the time of the Full Moon in two weeks, ⁠we will do another little ritual to give thanks to the Universe for delivering the manifestation of this first step, and also to focus on one thing we need to let go of on our path to manifesting our overall aim.

Happy New Moon! Believe in your magic!

Amy x

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