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Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well and enjoying the transition into Autumn! (and happy Springtime to our friends in the Southern Hemisphere). I'm personally gearing up for a winter of serious reflection and growth. I've started work with a therapist and a nutritionist, and am excited to be beginning on a journey of deep transformation and healing. I feel like I've been sowing the seeds of this transformation for a really long time, probably since I began Copper Myst, so I'm excited to see where this journey leads! The reason I am writing today is that I have decided something big... I want to stop selling loose crystals. Maybe not completely, but I want Copper Myst to be about more than crystals. It is so much more than that to me, and I want to know if it is (or could be) to any of you? Copper Myst has always been about healing, and since I created the idea of the Ultimate Manifestation Journal I have known that I want to take this business in a different direction. Or maybe not different, but bigger. I want Copper Myst to be something bigger for the people that it means something to.

Something that ties together Healing and Intuition and Astrology and Moon cycles and Creation and Energy work and Reiki, and empowers people to delve into these things and feel stronger and happier. The uniqueness of Copper Myst is of course in the jewellery. The fact that I've made it, and I've Reiki blessed it, means that every piece is something special. I want to find a way to lean into that uniqueness more, and make something powerful. I don't think I can do that whilst I am selling things one by one, things that I haven't actually created. I've just realised now how much selling crystals and other bits and bobs is taking up too much attention, and stopping me from leaning into my true calling. I don't know how this will manifest itself yet, but I have decided to take a leap of faith. I am going to stop doing crystal live sales, and I won't be listing any more individual crystals on my website. I'm going to focus more on creation, so hopefully the next few collections over this winter will be a bit larger, and I'd like to play around with other creative things as well. And I 100% will be completing the Ultimate Manifestation Journal at some point, it's going to be a amazing tool and I can't wait for it to exist. Expect a focus on only jewellery for the next few weeks, and then lots of exciting new things hopefully very soon! I will certainly still work with crystals and sell some, I'm just leaning more towards creating.

Let me know in the comments how you feel about this big move! Much Love, Amy x

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