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Updated: Jan 9, 2022

I find that wearing crystals in jewellery is quite simply one of the most accessible ways to get into crystal healing.

Even for those of us who are really into our crystals, fill our houses with them and love to have them around us, really tapping into their energies or working with them routinely can sometimes feel overwhelming or alien to our day-to-day lives.

At least it sometimes feels like that to me.

I do carry crystals lose crystals with me sometimes, and I have crystals all over the house, but I don't often work with them just for myself, taking time each morning to decide which ones I need that day, or sitting and meditating with a crystal grid. I do it sometimes, of course, but probably not often enough.

I do, however, wear my necklaces. Every single day.

I almost always have a piece of Copper Myst jewellery around my neck, and I choose carefully which one(s) I need each morning when I'm getting ready.

I could do that with pocket stones or crystals to put in my bag, but I find it just slips my mind, its not something I make time for. Whereas crystals that are part of my outfit seem more immediately accessible to me.

Then, all day long, I play with my necklace, hold it if I need support or confidence. I see it regularly when I look in the mirror and I am reminded that it's positive energies are with me.

Lots of Copper Myst pendants feature a combination of stones, so you are carrying around a specific energy combo all day long. For example my wand pendants are like a miniature crystal grid, with the raw Quartz pointing at your body amplifying the energies of the other crystal(s).

Plus, they all feature the added benefits of the Copper itself, a great energy amplifier which will enhance the healing energies of the crystals it surrounds.

I love that wearing crystals means they are in direct contact with the body throughout the day, often over the Heart Chakra, for a really immersive connection with the energies.

Plus, I love how they look, which is always a bonus!

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