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Updated: Jan 11, 2021

For people just starting out on their crystal journey it can sometimes be confusing to understand crystals and their properties. Perhaps this is you. Perhaps you feel drawn to crystals, but your scientific and logical mind just doesn't get it; or perhaps you are completely convinced and happy to trust your intuition, but you're just not sure what it is that crystals actually do, or how they do it.

If so, this blog is for you. It is a brief explanation of my personal interpretation of crystals and their energies. I'd like to stress at the beginning that these are my own words and my own opinions on the subject. This is simply my own personal way of understanding crystals and their uses (mostly in relation to the Chakras - the different energy points of the body). Hopefully I can help some of you at the beginning of your journey into the world of crystals!

I think of it like this... Everything that exists vibrates on a certain level or at a certain rate. This includes crystals, and also all the different parts of your body.

If a certain part of your body is damaged, it won't be vibrating as it should.

If something from the earth (ie, a crystal) has a vibration that matches the ideal vibration for a part of your body, then the crystal's energy can help to 'retune' that body part to it's ideal frequency.

If you think of this on a spiritual level, too, then you can imagine how different crystals can alter the energy of spaces, attract abundance, or simply make you feel calmer and happier.

Crystals are constantly emitting, absorbing, reflecting, and raising physical and spiritual vibrations


As a Reiki practitioner, I always think in terms of the Chakras. So if you have a sore throat I'd say that there is an imbalance in your throat Chakra. Energetically, the throat Chakra isn't vibrating at the right level for health and balance.

A crystal with a throat Chakra vibration (some examples are Sodalite, Blue Lace Agate, or Blue Kyanite) can be placed on the throat to transfer its vibrations to the Chakra, infusing it with the energy it needs to function at the optimum energy level.

The throat Chakra is also your centre of communications. If you feel unable to express yourself, unable to speak up or say what you really think, then that is another way a blockage in the throat Chakra can manifest itself.

Now we are starting to think a little less about physical healing and a little more about spiritual healing. We're not just talking about a sore throat, but about an energetic imbalance in the throat Chakra that is having a negative effect in a less physical way.

But again, if you are able to think in terms of energies, then it is clear that if you work on raising the vibration of the throat Chakra - your centre of communications - you're slowly going to move any blockage or imbalance there, and improve the problem.

Another quick example could be a physical heart problem, working on balancing the heart Chakra vibration could help with that.

Or, when you've suffered a loss or a relationship breakdown, the Heart Chakra is going to need some attention. Some crystals with a Heart Chakra vibration are Rose Quartz, Emerald, and Rhodochrosite.

So if you understand the Chakras and their energies, the fact that these different energy points in the body govern different things, and the idea that crystal energies can help to keep Chakra energies balanced and at their optimum level, then it's easy to understand how crystals can help with healing by bringing balance.

But what about crystals with more 'detached' properties, such as the ability to bring protection, or attract wealth? These things can't be directly linked to the body or Chakras. This is where we start to delve further into the idea of spiritual vibrations. The inter-connectivity of vibrations and energies in our world and in the Universe.

I believe that as the crystals work on the Chakras and bring alignment within the self, they bring that self into alignment with other energies that are open to us.

For example, Citrine can be used to balance your Solar-plexus Chakra (Naval), which governs, amongst other things, confidence and self-worth. Once it is in alignment, because you are self-confident and motivated, you are open to receiving abundance from the Universe (attracting 'wealth').

Without energetic balance in that part of your body, you can't tap into that frequency.

Think about how most wealthy people are confident, self-assured, and know their self-worth. They believe that they should be wealthy, they know that they deserve the abundance that they have. This confidence is in their Solar-plexus Chakra balance, they believe in themselves, and then can therefore align with Universal energies to manifest.

Another example to get our heads around might be protection crystals. Again, a crystal giving you protection doesn't seem directly related to the body, energetically or physically.

But if we think of it in terms of spiritual vibrations, and how we can align with them, it starts to make more sense.

Most protection crystals vibrate with the Crown Chakra or Root Chakra (top of head, base of spine). These are the two entry and exit points for the flow of energy through the body from Ground energy to higher Universal realms. If these energy points are strong, well balanced, and in alignment, then the likelihood of any negativity coming your way is much less than if you are stressed, disconnected, or too busy in your mind to notice what is going on around you.

Black Tourmaline is a good example of a crystal that brings protection. It vibrates with the Root Chakra, bringing strength and security.

When choosing your first crystals, you might feel slightly overwhelmed and not know where to begin. If so don't worry! Skip the research at the beginning, and start by simply trusting your instincts.

Go with what you are drawn to, you will be pulled to the crystal/s you need.

If you are still not sure, a good option to begin with is a Clear Quartz. It is the master healer of the crystal world, a great all-rounder for healing, meditation, and positive energy.

So that's it, my way of thinking about crystals and their energies. I hope this has brought some clarity to some of you who are just starting out with crystals, and you feel more ready to delve a bit deeper into the world of crystals and vibrations!

With love, Amy x

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