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Manifestation is the process of working consciously to align your thoughts, emotions, actions, and beliefs with your desired reality.

We are all manifesting our realities every single day, but whether we are working consciously to achieve our desired outcome is a different matter.

Manifestation rituals and affirmations require dedication and patience. Tuning into Universal energies and working with crystals, the moon cycles, or the changing seasons, can help you to focus and get into healthy routines.



To begin, you need to understand any limiting thoughts and beliefs you have, so that you can grow past them

You have been conditioned to 'settle' in so many aspects of your life. Everything you have seen around you your whole life has determined your expectations of the world you live in now. From your parents, your family, your teachers, your friends, your church or other influential groups in your life, you have learnt your place in the world.

On a subconscious level, you have been taught what is acceptable, and what you should expect for yourself. Often, a lot of these beliefs are negative and/or limiting.

What if you want something different than what you see around you? What if you want more than you have been taught to believe you deserve?

Journal some limiting beliefs you have taken on throughout your life

These could be beliefs surrounding money, relationships, self-worth, opportunities, work, etc. Choose a theme close to what you want to work on changing, and journal around that theme. Where did these beliefs come from, and what impact have they had on you?

To rid yourself of your negative 'programming', you will need to re-program your thought patterns. You need to believe that you are worthy of a different reality, that it is possible for you.

To 'get what you want', you have to break free from negative conditioning and focus on the process of positive change. Let's do this...


Let's get real about what you want. It's time to tap into your desires

Sometimes our subconscious conditioning runs so deep that we actually don't know how to tap into what we truly want. It seems so far away that we can't even imagine it existing.

Imagine a world where you are not bound by any of the social conditioning you have seen around you up until now. Imagine a world with no boundaries. Who would you want to be? What would you want to be doing? Allow yourself to feel free from judgement in this imagined space.

Now, journal a 'wants' list. If there were no restrictions in your life, what would you want for yourself? Let your imagination run wild.

List 50 things that you truly want.

You might think these things seem 'impossible' or 'out of reach' - don't worry, that's just your conditioning. Learning to Manifest is going to help you to break free of these restrictions and let your soul shine.

They might be big or small. Don't overthink them. Just list things that, in your ideal world, you would have / be / know /experience. Even just allowing yourself to tap into your desires in this way can be a really powerful process of change. There will be some wants that come spilling out that you didn't even know you wanted! Allow yourself to desire.

Pick one want, or a sort of overriding theme, to focus on bringing into your reality (for now!)


Understand that your perception shapes your reality

It's all about mindset, and changing your thought patterns.

Acknowledge things in your day to day like that make you feel good, and focus more on them.

Create a daily routine where you show gratitude for things that are already in your life that you are truly grateful for, and make space to invite more of these kinds of things in.

Make a list at the end of each day of everything you loved about that day, any small details that made you feel closer to your dreams and desires from the last step.


Daily 'uprisers' - do something each day, big or small, which helps you to get into alignment with the energy of what you want, and rise up towards your goals and dreams

You need to start acting like the kind of person who knows they are worthy of the things you want. Do things that make you feel good, and put yourself in a higher vibration.

It's time to strip back all that negative conditioning, and start taking actions towards the life you want to live.

You want to be rich? Great! So let's start acting rich from now. Align yourself with that energy.

What can you change about your life - with the tools you already have available - to move you closer to that goal?

Maybe you drive a crappy car, and can no way afford a new one right now, but you know if you were rich you'd have a gorgeous car. You can easily visualize your future rich self driving around in your beautiful new car.

Tell me, is that car clean? Does it have nicely looked after interiors? Yes, obviously.

Now, does your current crappy car get any attention from you whatsoever? Do you clean it, even if it is an old banger? Do you run through the car wash once a week and take time to hoover the seats? Pop a little air freshener up on the rear view mirror so it smells nice when you're driving around in it?

If the answer is no, then how the hell do you ever expect to make the leap from the person you are now, to the person you visualize cruising around in the new car in your mind? It's not going to happen.

By wanting a gleaming new car, but not taking little actions towards that vision within your current reality, you are holding yourself in that low-vibe energy. Clean your old banger and see how good it makes you feel - one big step closer to that dream car, I bet.

The car thing may not apply to you, but think of ways this makes sense in your life. Do you love all the clothes in your wardrobe? Do you love the way your house looks? Do you enjoy the foods you choose to eat? (Non-material example) Do you love the way you interact with the people around you on a day to day basis?

Basically, are you seeing, feeling and experiencing things around you in your day to day life that enforce your vision for the future? If not, what positive changes can you make right now? If the things around you are not directing you towards your future vision of yourself, then they need to change!

You've got to align yourself with the energy of what you want, therefore rising towards it.


Get a Mantra.

Remind yourself daily where you are heading, and pull in into your reality by using the present tense - "I am the owner of a flashy Tesla". (Didn't even know how badly I wanted a new car until I started writing this, lol !)


Visualize it, daily.

Make time to do a visualization each day which involves all of the senses. See yourself in your future reality.

And make a vision board to look at, to continuously remind your subconscious of what you're working towards - stay in the high vibration and you'll soon find yourself there!


Take action towards your goals.

Stay focused on what you want, and make sure you're pulling it into your reality. This is slightly different from your daily Uprisers - they are to keep you feeling high vibe, but this step is more about logical actions that bring you closer to what you specifically want.

For example, research how much a Tesla actually costs, and you might find that its really not that far out of your reach.

With that I'm off to research Teslas. Haha. This time next year...

I'll be writing lots more about Manifesting here and on my social media over the coming months, as I am working on an exciting new project/product which is going to help you to Manifest your dreams.

But for now, I hope this has helped to bring some actionable magic into your life!

Much Love, Amy x

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