Manifestation is the process of working consciously to align your thoughts, emotions, actions, and beliefs with your desired reality.

We are all manifesting our realities every single day, but whether we are working consciously to achieve our desired outcome is a different matter.

Manifestation rituals and affirmations require dedication and patience. Tuning into Universal energies and working with crystals, the moon cycles, or the changing seasons, can help you to focus and get into healthy routines.



To begin, you need to understand any limiting thoughts and beliefs you have, so that you can grow past them

You have been conditioned to 'settle' in so many aspects of your life. Everything you have seen around you your whole life has determined your expectations of the world you live in now. From your parents, your family, your teachers, your friends, your church or other influential groups in your life, you have learnt your place in the world.

On a subconscious level, you have been taught what is acceptable, and what you should expect for yourself. Often, a lot of these beliefs are negative and/or limiting.

What if you want something different than what you see around you? What if you want more than you have been taught to believe you deserve?

Journal some limiting beliefs you have taken on throughout your life

These could be beliefs surrounding money, relationships, self-worth, opportunities, work, etc. Choose a theme close to what you want to work on changing, and journal around that theme. Where did these beliefs come from, and what impact have they had on you?

To rid yourself of your negative 'programming', you will need to re-program your thought patterns. You need to believe that you are worthy of a different reality, that it is possible for you.

To 'get what you want', you have to break free from negative conditioning and focus on the process of positive change. Let's do this...


Let's get real about what you want. It's time to tap into your desires

Sometimes our subconscious conditioning runs so deep that we actually don't know how to tap into what we truly want. It seems so far away that we can't even imagine it existing.

Imagine a world where you are not bound by any of the social conditioning you have seen around you up until now. Imagine a world with no boundaries. Who would you want to be? What would you want to be doing? Allow yourself to feel free from judgement in this imagined space.